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Cruising spot gay in Masquières

proposed by jeannetrav48  (27/10/2021)

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Type : Nature gay
City :  Masquières
Area :  Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Country :  France

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After the direction of Cahors about 3kms after the roundabout Tournon, up the coast, there is a small wood, or one can glimpse a few cars waiting on the right and sometimes the left. Sheltered from view, in the woods. Really good.
Address :

47370 Masquières

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D 656, Roc Rouge, Saux, Masquières, Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Lot-et-Garonne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France métropolitaine, 47370
    » D2 just before Montaigu Quercy
    » Rest area Bourlens
    » Touzac hiking parking lot
    » Parking St Matre old road
    » Castle Square
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yesterday at 15:05
Je suis disponible après 17h

yesterday at 14:02
Qui cet aprem pour baiser ma femme ?

28/09/2021 in 05h19
Ce lieux fonctionne il y a souvent du monde ,mais il est difficile de trouver un coin tranquille !

27/09/2021 in 10h00
Plan remis à jour

25/09/2021 in 14h19
Le plan du lieu n est pas bon

14/06/2021 in 16h14
Not many people

12/06/2021 in 10h42
I go back and forth in a mask and purses if someone wants to suck or suck me

24/05/2021 in 13h39
we could keep the place at the top of the hill no ?? twice that j passes ... nobody

24/05/2021 in 11h11
Hello, passing by in the afternoon 3:30 p.m. 4:00 p.m., to empty the active, clean, clean, and courteous hours ....

09/05/2021 in 22h34
Bjr or new meeting places in Tournon d'Agenaid please cordially

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