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Gay cruising areas are meeting places where we can in general "conclude" on site.

This is gay places mostly, but not exclusively. There are at least 10,000 cruising areas referenced in France, and they can be found in the vast majority of the world, even the most refractory. Most places are located outdoors, sometimes in parks, woods, parking lots, beaches, etc...

The website Croozr - Cruising sex lists over 12,000 dating places in France and abroad : outdoor cruising areas, saunas, sex shops, discotheques, etc...

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Good cruising !

Cruising spots : Latest messages posted

Cruising spot gay : System X in Nantes near the North Station ( 44000 Nantes )

Message posted by benjihot 15 d. ago
Who tomorrow afternoon at system x to take care of me? leave message privately

Cruising spot gay & straight : Lomme urban park (behind the Kinepolis) ( 59160 Lille )

Message posted by noutch59160 15 d. ago
Kkun now
Who fucks me this weekend Lope submissive sucks nice cock and makes me fuck in the dunes of salmon

Cruising spot gay : The Lynx sex shop with cabins in Toulouse ( 31000 Toulouse )

Message posted by rbshy 15 d. ago
Hello everyone, visit the Lynx between 3pm and 4pm this Saturday hungry for queues and juice. Satisfactory results: 5 tails sucked, three of them juiced. Three out of the five were of good caliber, each with their own personality! Delicious !!!
Someone around 6:00 p.m.

Cruising spot gay : Parking ground ( 30900 Nîmes )

Message posted by patmars13 15 d. ago
At the hotel on Tuesday evening June 30 at the hotel, I want to be sucked and if I want to share take your ass I am sensual! Nice hotel Best western discretion requested

Cruising spot gay : Forest Berce between Ecommoy and Chateau-du-Loir ( 72500 Mayet )

Message posted by bruno72 15 d. ago
Someone around 6:00 p.m.

Cruising spot gay & straight : Concrete plant, board Durance, Avignon ( 84140 Avignon )

Message posted by jeunegars13 15 d. ago
Hi, I’m going there in 15 minutes to suck good cocks !! Who is interested ??
went there that day ........ desert as usual and qd a car arrives, it does not come out

Cruising spot gay & straight : Parking in the forest of Hesdin ( 62140 Huby-saint-leu )

Message posted by yoda62140 15 d. ago
Hello we are young gay couple of 29 years old we are looking for sex plan with guy no more than 38 years old.

Cruising spot gay & straight : naturist beach Pothuau Hyeres ( 83400 Hyères )

Message posted by tartanpion 15 d. ago
Green not towards. Automatic pfff phone correction

Cruising spot gay : Parking Brugny on the D951 ( 51530 Brugny-vaudancourt )

Message posted by antoine51 15 d. ago
.I'm there until 5 p.m. to suck hard cocks

Cruising spot gay & straight : Hot Box, mixed sauna in Saint Brieuc ( 22950 Trégueux )

Message posted by bearbreton22 15 d. ago
Same for the condoms they are recommended but not compulsory after each one made in his soul and conscience

Cruising spot gay : Ribou Lake Road Maulévrier ( 49300 Cholet )

Message posted by novice44 15 d. ago
Who wants to suck my cock?

Cruising spot gay & straight : Hot Box, mixed sauna in Saint Brieuc ( 22950 Trégueux )

Message posted by bearbreton22 15 d. ago
It is a recommendation not an obligation that says obligation say decree outside there is a decree its for transport ... Must stop believing everything that says if the decree is displayed at the entrance OK no choice but as there is no decree no one can force you to

Cruising spot gay : Park Cousinerie ( 37390 Notre-dame-d'oé )

Message posted by lolo3737 15 d. ago
send me a message in pv .......

Cruising spot gay & straight : In the forest wood Verrieres le Buisson ( 91370 Verrières-le-buisson )

Message posted by milycharazin 15 d. ago
A lot of cut trees, be it after the roundabout parking or the route du Plessis Piquet

Cruising spot gay & straight : Lake Lavaud - Tanning peacefully ( 16150 Pressignac )

Message posted by louloucal17 15 d. ago
I'm nobody

Cruising spot gay : Park Cousinerie ( 37390 Notre-dame-d'oé )

Message posted by lolo3737 15 d. ago
hello everyone i am there this afternoon or in the surroundings more i hope ......

Cruising spot gay : The drill in Beaulieu sur Layon ( 49750 Beaulieu-sur-layon )

Message posted by jayce49 15 d. ago
They will recognize each other: for the last time, no I don't like being pissed on, no I'm not a bitch, no I don't like wearing dirty boxers ... I'm just a clean guy who just love sex. If you don't understand that, go get serious guys!