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e-prevention & reduction of risks in the festive environment

PLAY SAFE is a player particularly concerned and committed against addictions to new synthetic "drugs" (also called New Synthetic Products, NPS)

PLAY SAFE exists and has been a recognized associative player since 2012. The association first carried out fundraising actions on World AIDS Day under the sponsorship of Victoria Abril, Bob Sinclar, Antoine Clamaran… who disseminated this message to the attention of all :
« PLAY SAFE is committed to promoting responsible festive practices and wishes to convey a simple prevention message: always protect yourself and protect yourself by all means and in all ways. !PLAY SAFE, ALWAYS & ALL WAYS ! »

Then, faced with the democratization and multiplication of new synthetic products (NPS), more than 600 according to the French Observatory for Drugs and Drug Addiction (OFDT), in the field of addictions, the resurgence of purchases of these products on the internet, PLAY SAFE has developed the prevention and information website, on psychoactive products, without forgetting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) with a new slogan « TO KNOW MORE IS TO RISK LESS »

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HF Prevention

HF Prevention is an association that promotes and/or carries out information actions for the general public concerning chronic diseases, long-term conditions (diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, etc...), but also concerning the means of protection and the modes of contamination, in particular for STIs, HIV and hepatitis.

For more than 10 years, HF Prévention has been carrying out actions to promote health and reduce the risks associated with STIs - Sexually Transmitted Infections - and the AIDS virus. These actions are part of a desire for accessibility to all types of audiences, regardless of their sexuality and their lifestyle choices..

HF Prevention has become an expert in targeted prevention with invisible audiences : HSH - Men who have sex with other Men Primarily Heterosexual (but also homosexuals, bisexuals), as well as with the public in a situation of prostitution, assumed or not, and migrants.

The association's interventions are specialized in LRE - Outdoor Meeting Places - (car parks, forests, motorway areas, public toilets), but also in targeted open environments (universities, shopping centers, neighborhood centers) where one can find "sexual consumption" in particular.

HF Prevention is the 2nd operator in France in carrying out tests to refer people to specific care for HIV. Creator of thescreening operation "1 Minute to Know", HF Prevention offers TROD screenings (Rapid Diagnostic Orientation Test) on these places of intervention, diagnosed and targeted.

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