RN154 - Area of ​​the small valley

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Type : Rest area gay & straight
City :  Sainte-Marie-d'Attez
Area :  Normandie
Country :  France

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Sens Dreux ROUEN, just after the roundabout Nonecourt. Very hot in the afternoon and especially between 18h and 22h. Guys the corner, VRP and many road. Tips encounters with married guys, bi, gay and even straight. Moderator: like any public place, observe the place and do not eat there.
Address :

27160 Sainte-Marie-d'Attez

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Saint-Ouen-d'Attez, Sainte-Marie-d'Attez, Bernay, Eure, Normandie, France métropolitaine, 27160, France
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24/10/2022 in 23h24
Anyone wanna get pumped and gutted?

03/08/2022 in 16h18
Who wants to have their balls emptied by a good mouth tonight from 11 p.m.?

01/05/2022 in 15h00
bonjour du monde demain

07/04/2022 in 19h20
Bonjour je dors là cette nuit qui pour me pomper

06/04/2022 in 17h10
People tonight? If you go there feel free to leave me a message

23/03/2022 in 12h19
Du monde le midi la bas ? Discret ?

25/02/2022 in 16h49
Du monde ce soir ?

28/01/2022 in 18h48
Qui veut se faire sucer ce soir

08/12/2021 in 23h45
Demain matin vers 6h45?

17/10/2021 in 07h40
Qui veut se faire sucer ce matin entre 9h30 et 10h?

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