Eco Park Loiré


Cruising spot gay in Loiré

proposed by daddybear17  (24/09/2021)

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Type : Nature gay
City :  Loiré
Area :  Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Country :  France

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Eco Park on the site of the old landfill Loiré. Several groves to be quiet and large lawn for sunbathing or strolling. Parking at the entrance of the Park. Also small wood just opposite, input by the panel "CCAA".
Address :

17540 Loiré

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Le Moulin, Loiré, Vérines, La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France métropolitaine, 17540, France
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20/08/2021 in 20h57
Aujourd'hui vers 12h20 sur un lieu de rencontre sur le niortais,il y avait 3 véhicules,le mien,un camping car de vacanciers et un autre.Si la personne qui était dans l'autre se reconnaît elle peut me mp car ça fait 3 fois que nous nous croisons cette semaine et du coup.......

20/08/2021 in 13h43
Des trav de dispo aujourd'hui ?

28/04/2021 in 12h39
Arranged around 4:45 p.m. to make me suck send mp

07/04/2021 in 12h54
Direct plan Kiff pumping juice and making me hit No blabla

02/04/2021 in 09h08
Ch plan.bbk with bon pass sexy today

26/03/2021 in 06h58
I am available, leave a message for an appointment

25/03/2021 in 11h28
Available tomorrow Friday March 26

15/03/2021 in 12h07
I am available after noon who wants to be sucked and no longer leave a message

01/03/2021 in 04h11
I'm going there later at 6.30am

25/01/2021 in 17h03
An asset to join him tomorrow 01/26 between 5 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. MP please

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