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Type : Soirées privées straight
City :  Triel-sur-Seine
Area :  Île-de-France
Country :  France

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only couples or women accepted exclusivement.Lieu: in the garden of a small maison.Gratuit for women and 5 € for men. Limited to 100 people on inscription.Adresse PN Path 23-78910 Tacoignières. Phone: 0631180143
Address :

78510 Triel-sur-Seine
Phone : 0631180143

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187BIS, Rue Paul Doumer, L'Hautil, Triel-sur-Seine, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Yvelines, Île-de-France, France métropolitain
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25/08/2019 in 20h04
WARNING information on the statement of this amended to harm by Sophiatrans are not accurate! INVITATIONS: Next Q weekend in Triel sur Seine 78510 is from 5 to 8 September 1 - Thursday, 5 to 22h at dawn free sex party for transvestites and men active 2 - Friday 6 20h at dawn the house reserved private circle of friend (s) (transvestites and men active 3 - Saturday 7 20h at dawn ditto Friday 4th - Sunday 8 from 17h to 21h exclusive Q hard plan with Claudia and Malvina fucks for active men duo or more CAUTION reservation information on the statement of this amended to harm by Sophiatrans are not accurate! email

07/08/2019 in 07h37
Hello to you all, yes its been a while since these the can because I'll soot or address (positioned soot) yes must be designed to give lol address ilyaa too many kids nothing serious like many across sites

06/08/2019 in 20h42
Who should be designed not to understand that this announcement is made necessary by 'sophiatrans' that pollutes recent days, insult and now makes false ads. Seriously TRIEL located coignières has an address (as if the scene were giving their address to everyone), and such lol. And apparently idiots that respond without the slightest ounce of savvy are plenty .... She has beautiful days and GESN has shamelessly fleeced apparently

10/12/2018 in 13h24
Id like to participate

22/01/2018 in 01h07
I would like to participate

05/09/2016 in 12h13
So just find me in Triel Sur Seine for Penelope 8 Thursday evening for a chained and unchained evening? Evening SM novice / beginner or more if necessary.

24/03/2016 in 10h38
it no longer hesitates this corner !!!

25/01/2014 in 18h55
But not in the 78 are other private parties very well organized to travs Trans couples bi men and especially active view

26/10/2012 in 00h55
This place is no longer of actuality ... i called and a guy told me that cétait fini..dur hard to find u plane ds 78 ......

17/10/2012 in 22h53
I free sui has offered you and thank you voi appointment

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