Cruising spot gay & straight in Poisy

proposed by delire  (10/01/2020)

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Type : Nature gay & straight
City :  Poisy
Area :  Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Country :  France

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A square in front of the entrance to the site to park the car, then the evening from 17h there are more workers and the site is more dangerous (refurbished) The weekend is quiet
Address :

74330 Poisy

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Chemin de la Pièce, Poisy, Annecy, Haute-Savoie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France métropolitaine, 74330, France
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28/04/2019 in 07h19
Plan with good passive free all day even at night details by post

22/06/2018 in 12h54
Could not find ...

22/06/2018 in 08h52
who has a photo of the place! I like to fuck and be fucked!

14/06/2018 in 21h36
I have not found the place, can we better define access, Thanks

12/06/2017 in 12h09
Dear scoundrels, young man crossing Thursday, June 15 for the lunch break so if there are interested I am open to any proposal, slight preference for F or CPL but write me. I'm pretty cute nice ass and big cock I love cuddly excitement voyeurism I love being naked and me to watch !!!

16/04/2017 in 12h29
I love this place!!!! who to accompany me? I'll do whatever you want !!!! plug me !!!!

13/09/2016 in 11h01
ok to go !!!, connect me, I'll do whatever you want !!!!

13/09/2016 in 10h59
person to accompany me ?, I'll do whatever you want !!!

01/09/2016 in 15h06
I'll be there from 18h .... call me at 0689853256

01/09/2016 in 12h20
I was there last night, but unfortunately no !!! I visited the place thoroughly, it's great for the plans I want to do, uro, mud, etc .... sm plug me 0689853256, ready to retuurn when you want to do whatever you want !!!!

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