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Type : Parking gay & straight
City :  Charbuy
Area :  Bourgogne-Franche-.
Country :  France

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Parking on the edge of the D89 before Charbuy. There is a path that goes into the woods. It's a little quiet, discreet and easy to access.
Address :

89113 Charbuy

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Route d'Aillant, Charbuy, Auxerre, Yonne, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France métropolitaine, 89113, France
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6 d. ago
I would be there around 3 p.m. as a man I am passive subject

6 d. ago
hello i can go there by appointment made in advance

10/01/2020 in 16h13
bjr I put rendrais when the time will be more propise be in a trav

18/11/2019 in 15h06
sorry I just going I still 1:30 there anyone

17/11/2019 in 16h18
brun891 I repont by email or I can not meet you I'm not subscribe puts motivated

17/11/2019 in 16h02
brun891 I do not subscribe sets I am motivated

17/11/2019 in 15h55
I brun891 you attent I suck you and I offer you my ass tomorrow afternoon

15/11/2019 in 17h12
hello I am going to see it take place and friendly I will spend Monday afternoon between 14 and 16 hour I attent you there

10/10/2019 in 10h17
hello path is or when you just Auxerre