Cruising spot gay in Pluguffan

proposed by webmaster  (14/06/2013)

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Type : Aire de repos gay
City :  Pluguffan
Area :  Bretagne
Country :  France

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Rest area on the road in the direction transbigoudène Quimper / Pont-Abbe just before the release "The advantage!"
Address :
29700 Pluguffan
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01/03/2020 in 15h21
Hello, want to kiss my mouth

22/02/2020 in 17h07
bjr jy passes can be at 18h

20/02/2020 in 09h27
Plan to pipe Saturdays, tell me if you are interested

15/02/2020 in 16h08
Will there be someone at the end of the afternoon?

15/02/2020 in 14h58
t have blacklist those who could. hihihihih

10/02/2020 in 15h40
Hello Who is there?

07/02/2020 in 14h00
Hello I receive at pont L'abbe meme. Active men, domi only, all hours, Ch also Men to take me out and offer me as a transvestite MP serious thank you

03/01/2020 in 16h30
I'm in a gray Opel car output

14/11/2019 in 07h23
Who in today. Want to pump in good cock juice. Available early afternoon. Over there, or if you receive me in Quimper or bridge the abbot ... mp

14/11/2019 in 07h19
Who in today. Want to pump in good cock juice. Available early afternoon.

22/09/2019 in 20h04
Who comes to me is the Abbe bridge

19/08/2019 in 20h20
if you want a good blowjob I'll be there on August 20 I have a red 10 let me know j arrives pump j you swallow or 06 86 64 96 38 I hope more

14/08/2019 in 20h32
if you see a red 106 c is me n not hesitate let me know and I just suck thoroughly and if you want more my little ass bitch example

13/08/2019 in 21h31
I thoroughly sucks you I adore sperm and if you also want to enjoy my little slutty ass let me know

04/07/2019 in 09h25
desire of a man to make me the same buttocks savagely

23/02/2019 in 21h16
quel'qun tonight? quick !

14/01/2019 in 14h26
Someone around 15 hours

01/12/2018 in 12h56
Someone this afternoon?

04/07/2018 in 14h27
and Friday, July 7? of the world ?

29/06/2018 in 23h21
I went to soft

19/05/2018 in 17h23
hi, traffic area? the world Tuesday, 5.22 AM?

19/04/2018 in 00h08
The world right now?

14/12/2017 in 23h41
Tonight, a big Mercedes, a man, a fair sex, huge ... Who?

08/12/2017 in 00h10
good evening can be spend jy Friday morning leaving messages

11/11/2017 in 14h17
jy passes can be in after noon

31/10/2017 in 19h03
A pretty transvestite tonight or tomorrow after noon?

30/06/2017 in 00h11
goodnight I can spend this Friday night vers20h30 8:45 p.m. to be cuddle and be suck I can be down skirt thong in my car if INTEREST leave messages

04/04/2017 in 18h48
The world here occasionally for pruning trees around the area?

18/03/2017 in 00h50
goodnight jy happening this Saturday morning I'd see the bottom string skirt to be stroked and sucks be if interested let messag

15/03/2017 in 00h56
jy happening Wednesday morning if someone want CARESE me and sucks me I would be in sexy outfit in my car to leave post

30/01/2017 in 19h04
I can be there tomorrow Tuesday morning between 5:45 ET 6:30 to be pet and I would be sucking down skirt thong in my car leave message if INTEREST

19/11/2016 in 22h01
married man looking for passive Tuesday morning between Quimper and loctudy

05/10/2016 in 00h52
jy can be spend Wednesday night in low skirt thong in my car to be stroked and be sucked around 20:30 if interested let Post

17/04/2016 in 17h06
hi there always meetings til I saw the fences were repaired or will people? ps: please send me a message for plan)

03/02/2016 in 20h35
Hi all .Y world there someone you tomorrow morning only to active 9h00,9h30.Moi

20/04/2015 in 18h36
Good evening everyone, someone from 21:00?

09/04/2015 in 09h52
Envi meet a couple or a trav this AM to 16 PM

05/03/2015 in 13h36
CC for which a plan tonight would jy for 10:15 p.m. for what it'll send me a message on my profile

02/07/2014 in 18h14
that tonight at 22h for hot bz. Very want to suck and make me Baizer, can reciprociter

18/02/2014 in 20h34
Someone tonight I'll jy 22h 15 poir a map in the car if anyone interested send me a message in my account

10/01/2014 in 18h38
Saturday, 11/01 available after noon, check my profile announcement and if one is in phase ...

06/01/2014 in 21h37
Somebody tonight I want quickly reponder

04/01/2014 in 18h47
05/01 available Sunday from 15h to 17h for well mounted plane sucks dude, contact me by MP

04/01/2014 in 10h58
available this afternoon to noon 15h 17h, looking plane sucks hefty man or woman, cple

28/11/2013 in 20h52
I am this evening, and all night.

11/11/2013 in 16h09
wonder if nThis horny and when?

31/10/2013 in 21h32
Is there a couple exib to see tonight?

30/10/2013 in 09h59
That afternoon around 15:00 well I would suck a nice cock shaved

22/10/2013 in 16h46
passing through it in the evening or tonight? thank you to indicate what time to live good plan.

26/09/2013 in 20h18
I have until tomorrow morning I expect you Kisses Female Below is All and All

19/09/2013 in 20h39
I'm there until 7:00 tomorrow. I expect you and receive you in Female Bottom in my cabin. (White truck). If you come, leave message.

14/09/2013 in 02h46
Every Thursday evening, I expect you Female Bottom from 20:00. (White truck)

24/07/2013 in 12h03
J y am today 24 July 13 vets twelve o'clock

24/07/2013 in 09h42
hi, I passed and I found but watch anyway, often the police for speed control and other

30/06/2013 in 16h56
hi guys, eager now. If someone available that's ok for me. Am rather bo kid from what I'm told.

16/03/2013 in 10h07
I'm noon

08/03/2013 in 14h42

02/03/2013 in 22h40
there is someone ?

26/02/2013 in 17h13
someone has to go there in the week? :)

13/02/2013 in 14h25
what time married?

13/02/2013 in 07h39
World aujourdui?

15/01/2013 in 13h04
who just jerk me see .jy am by the time LE15 / 01/13

08/10/2012 in 15h17
y 't there people who like to tell their adventures on cruising areas? it interests me, thank you to write to me Pv;)

23/04/2012 in 12h39
Who just suck me ... I am today April 23

15/04/2012 in 09h21
tomorrow afternoon to a motion plan sucks ???

23/03/2012 in 12h20
Who just masturbate or suck me ... I'm

21/03/2012 in 06h31
that'll be the day

20/03/2012 in 11h56
I'll be there to 13 weeks ... show me your tails ...

18/03/2012 in 08h30
I'm almost every midis.venez suck me or show me your tail

05/03/2012 in 21h55
arf ... I have missed out ... shame I was hot. That's before the release The advantage? there's often the world?

07/02/2012 in 09h58
I am a man of gentle passive cute 46 years, seeking sex in the afternoon, called me so that you arm

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