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Type : Hôtels et chambres d'hôtes gay & straight
City :  Châtillon-sur-Cha.
Area :  Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Country :  France

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Catering for an hour a night, comfortable. The boss of the room is a submissive sissy, possibility of nudism. Bedroom, dining shower, toilet, good value and discretion assured. 50 euro per night. Many couples welcome for an evening. Ability to organize gang bang slut transvestite.

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01400 Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne
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11 d. ago
Hello naughty want to be licked the buttocks where her little apricot I can give you a lot of pleasure with my tongue of course I ask nothing in retuurn during this time you can be alone or be accompanied by the person you want. Mister can jump me and enjoy in my butt while I give you pleasure with my tongue. If you are interested my language remains at your disposal I am currently on paid holidays so very available for this month of May. I give you a kiss awaiting your message.

03/03/2020 in 22h00
Good evening Possible to come tomorrow afternoon?

18/08/2019 in 09h57
rulers in September transvestites to submit myself to their good will?

06/05/2019 in 18h23
Hello, can come midweek afternoon? Hugs

20/04/2019 in 00h22
Super finally I could organize my bukkake gang bang and here in weekend open doors ... to follow

20/04/2019 in 00h20
Super finally I could organize my bukkake and gangbang here

09/04/2019 in 17h12
J'd go for a walk for a sex ...

09/04/2019 in 16h47
My greatest desire is to travel to the scene to plurality and submit to various requests for trans men disguised cples ... A BIENTOT..JANE ....

07/04/2019 in 16h27
Hello we can let you know the price? Thank you

06/04/2019 in 08h28
HELLO ..Intéressant contact me via Private Message ,,,. THANK ..JANE

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