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Type : Nature gay & straight
City :  Pluguffan
Area :  Bretagne
Country :  France

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A former railway converted into a randoneur path. This place this situ not far from karting to Plomelin. There is a small wild parking. The road is surrounded by a dense wood, it offers cool little corners. Few people on the day, no night. To know ....
Address :

29700 Pluguffan

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24 d. ago
I'm there. In a converted van. Discreet and dry until 1:30 p.m.

16/08/2020 in 21h51
I can be there tomorrow between noon and two o'clock. But leave me a message. I have converted van for more discretion.

05/08/2020 in 15h02
People at the end of the day?

24/07/2020 in 16h06
Hello, anyone around 5pm?

26/05/2020 in 20h05
Bonjour, Quelqu'un vendredi 29 mai ? Si oui merci de me laisser un message perso

21/05/2020 in 14h20
Salut je suis sur le chemin de la ancienne voie ferroviaire il y a un petit chemin qui mène à un champ en herbes idéale pour sucer

21/05/2020 in 14h14
J y suis pour sucer coin cool en haut du petit chemin avec un près en herbes idéale pour s allongé

20/05/2020 in 12h38
Du monde intéressé pour demain

20/11/2019 in 23h35
World tomorrow to 11/12 pm

30/10/2019 in 12h06
Hello, Someone this afternoon around 15h?

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